Technology & Telecommunications

Real options in technology and communications

Your organisation has large, mission-critical investments in IT, telecommunications infrastructure and sourcing arrangements. But do you know how to get the most value from your ICT platform?

Working with suppliers and buyers of technology-based products and services, our info-tech practice can help you analyse the real options for the future of your company, based on your platform investments.

Unlike ordinary investments which have no direct pay-offs, ICT platforms give you a wider range of likely business opportunities because they are flexible in how they deliver end results for different purposes and markets.

We help you analyse and value these flexibility and growth options - your real options for the future - so you can identify those decisions which will see you with higher returns in ICT, not just the cheapest solution.

The company-owned R&D department is rapidly transforming into a global knowledge hub. Increasingly, the R&D of a business is taking place not only inside the corporation itself but through partnerships, joint ventures, alliances, and know-how agreements with organisations in different countries, different industries and with different technologies. But the corporate R&D Department will not disappear. Under this new paradigm, the focus of innovation inside the corporation shifts from production of R&D to the transaction management of knowledge.

For our clients embarking on a path of R&D collaboration, the journey has been found to be very rewarding.