Strategis Analytics is launching in 2018

Turning data into strategic insights with Strategis Analytics

In 2018, the firm will launch Strategis Analytics to serve the growing needs of companies seeking to capture more value from data and analytics.

What is Strategis Analytics?

It is our new service to support decision-makers with state-of-the-art data analysis—to solve their most critical challenges.

Increasingly, companies see that their data are under-utilised or not used at all. 

Let’s get to the point. Spreadsheets don’t cut it anymore when it comes to making sense of big data sets. Increasingly, their core analytic functions will be displaced by the rapidly expanding libraries of open-source software. In December 2017, Microsoft announced that it is examining the official integration of the open-source language, Python with Excel, the world’s most popular spreadsheet.

Now, all kinds of tools are available to unlock the value of data, particularly when harnessed with external sources such as weather, satellite and commodity market data. Statistical methods, machine learning and geo-spatial data modelling are some of the tools we use to turn data into competitive advantage.

Strategis Analytics will focus on three themes for companies operating across the agri-foods value chain:

Perhaps these areas are also your priorities? Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our Strategis Analytics initiative in 2018.

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