High Performance Strategy

Matching strategy and organisation to a changing marketplace

Successfully managing strategic change and achieving breakthrough performance is rarely realised alone. The best organisations engage strategic partners to provide the specialist skills they simply do not have themselves - ensuring better decisions, greater resilience and a thriving future.

Whether you need to design new organisational and business models, build a better business case for investment approval or develop your strategy to succeed in a dynamic environment, Strategis Partners can help.

We are skilled and experienced in all aspects of strategic and organisational development, from long-range scenario planning to strategic sourcing, decision and risk analysis, major asset development and much more.

Let us help you match your company's strategy and organisation for higher performance

Strategy is all about finding the diamond in the rough. We help our clients find the gem of an idea that changes the company. But opportunities must be seized proficiently and acted upon. The company's business model-its value proposition and operating model-must be aligned with strategic direction.

Strategy and Program Reviews

All organisations periodically face issues that require an "outside" perspective, or are bigger than each individual division or business unit:

While most companies invest significant time and effort in formal planning and review processes, not all executives think this time-consuming process pays off. Unfortunately, even when such internal formal processes are done well, they tend to produce "in-the-box" strategies, are often fraught with politics and lack true objectivity

Strategy and Program reviews with external facilitation are an effective catalyst for meaningful change:

Such a review agenda can help the organisation and the board of directors forge a common understanding of the situation, challenges, opportunities, and the economic facts. Thus it lays the groundwork for more effective strategic decision making. Here are some examples of client engagements:

The benefits for our clients?

Clients throughout the Asia Pacific have benefited from the ability to achieve even more for their customers, employees and shareholders, thanks to our strategic consultancy services. Let us help you: